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Services we are providing

Installation & Commissioning Services

Exicom provides comprehensive services, including expert installation and commissioning by trained technicians, ensuring adherence to safety standards and optimized system configuration. We maintain a global service presence for efficient coordination with partners, contractors, and customers. Additionally, we offer Annual Maintenance Contracts, Spare Parts support, and Repair and Return services, all contributing to reliable and cost-effective infrastructure management.

Preventive Maintenance

Unplanned downtime of a power system can be minimized with a well-planned maintenance strategy. Under Preventive maintenance, we'll also assess your systems to improve their performance and reliability. Negative site conditions that can impact the performance of the system will also be brought to the customer's notice so they can be solved before they hurt some part of telecom installation. Lastly, in case of certain agreements, Exicom will also maintain critical spares at close locations to ensure fast response in case of system or component failure.

Spare Parts

It comprises of support of critical spares over the life of the product, stocking of critical spares at local geographies in India and foreign countries of operation to ensure uptime of critical infrastructure can be maintained as per SLA; and lastly.

Repair and Return

Return and repair where the customer's charger and critical power parts are repaired at our repair facilities to maintain revolving spare stock and reduce maintenance costs."

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